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 KF's Burning Deals

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Blazing Darkness

Blazing Darkness

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PostSubject: KF's Burning Deals   Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:05 pm

Aesthetic updating will happen in the future.
As it is, this shop will remain plain.

Okay, I have many shinies and some flawless, regrettably, none of my event pokemon will be offered here yet.

Seeing as I'm still learning the ropes here, I shall start with the basics.


My Offers:
(I will be updating these soon)
UT Lv. 1 Shiny Flawless Scraggy
UT Shiny Panpour NN Perrier
UT Shiny Venipede
UT Shiny Boldore
UT Shiny Cryogonal
(Please note that this is not even close to the extent of my collection, I'm simply going from memory)

My Wants:
(I will be updating these soon)
Any shinies I do not have, starters and gen 3 in particular.
Event pokemon!
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KF's Burning Deals
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