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 The Suggestions Thread v2.0 [Because a certain someone is a control freak]

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The Suggestions Thread v2.0 [Because a certain someone is a control freak] Empty
PostSubject: The Suggestions Thread v2.0 [Because a certain someone is a control freak]   The Suggestions Thread v2.0 [Because a certain someone is a control freak] EmptyTue Aug 02, 2011 5:54 am

The Suggestions Thread v2.0

So I made a Suggestions thread roughly 24 hours ago, but it was closed because it wasn't in the proper section. I would love to comment on the irony of this (firstly, you guys all complain about the control freaks on SPPf yet you are no different, and secondly there is no place to post something like this, which if you actually read my post, I hinted at.)

~A design which doesn't destroy my eyes would be great, thanks. Seriously, the colour scheme is disgustingly atrocious. Dark blue on black is a horrendous choice of colours, in all honesty, and the colour scheme on a whole is just drab, unoriginal, uncreative, et cetera.

~You'll need to have plans. Plans on how to attract new members, on how to make effective decisions, on the goals of this forum and how you want to achieve them. It should be the goal of every forum to attract more members. If your goal isn't to attract new members, well, just ignore everything I say and you'll do perfectly fine, trust me.

~Proofread what you write. Use proper grammar and spelling. It's irritating when people can't spell the simplest of words correctly, or use horrendous grammar, and it is even more worrying when someone who is, for example, a moderator, does these things. It gives the impression that you are immature and childish, really. I know the majority of you guys are like eleven or something, so I'm probably asking too much of you, but it can't be that hard to learn to use spellcheck or to actually try and improve your grammar.

~Make more sections. Make everything more organised, because that will show that you guys are actually serious about looking after this forum, and it will make the forum as a whole look, well, better. At the moment there are just a few random sections and it all looks quite empty and icky. If I were a new member who came here, I would be lost, unsure of what to do, worried at the lack of sections in which I can post in, and then leave straight away, and never come back.

You may be thinking, "Oh just shut up already, don't tell us how to run the forums." In fact, knowing that many of you are quite arrogant and immature, that would be exactly what you are thinking. The thing is, I don't want this forum to fail, yet, at least, because then you'll lose hope and realise that you are failures. It would be great if you could create a nice environment which is inviting not only in terms of design, but in terms of content, because at the moment it is just awful in both aspects. Plus, another reason why I suggest you take my advice is the fact that I'm experienced. I'm quite a bit older than the majority of you, I would assume, judging by your behaviour and posting styles and whatnot; with age comes experience. I'm experienced with forums, with design, et cetera.

Now, I know that if I continue to post reasons in which you guys could improve, I would not only be here until Christmas but I know that you guys will just not read it at all and delete this thread and pretend I don't exist. So all I ask is that, for once in your life, use your brain and take my advice on board, or at least respond to my suggestions instead of just ignoring them and thinking your forum is magnificent, because it's not.

Also, one more thing, I suggest that before you go around advertising your forum, you make it look appealing because at the moment it really isn't appealing whatsoever. Make some more sections with proper rules; actually dedicate some time into this instead of just rushing through everything and making a forum just for the sake of making a forum. Then go advertise.

Sorry if I've come off as mean. And I know that for opening challenging you guys and for intruding and for trying to actually help you, you will probably give me an infraction or a warning or ban me or something for not being nice. [Speaking of that, your rules are quite general and, well, awful.]

Finally, as a final note, I'd just like to point out that in terms of gathering members, I'm a highly influential person on SPPf and other places as well, with a wide calibre of contacts.

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The Suggestions Thread v2.0 [Because a certain someone is a control freak]
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